Wild Frontiers: Lost Treasures of the Cloud Warriors

Three forest types on Northern Peru Forest Tour

Wild Frontiers (UK) with Vilaya Tours is again running the popular Lost Treasures of the Cloud Warriors in northern Peru. The tour visits the coastal sites around Trujillo: the mud brick complexes of Huaca de la Luna and its modern on-site museum and Chan Chan. You will visit the astonishing small site of Ventarron which has the oldest murals in the Americas dated at 2500BC. Later we visit Huaca Rajada (also known as Sipan): the precious artefacts found in the burial at the site are now on display in the on-site museum and the Royal Tombs Museum in Lambayeque. The tour then heads east in to the Andes and the Chachapoyas area to see the remains of the Chachapoya culture: Kuelap, Karajia, Revash and the Leymebamba Mummy Museum. Taking the spectacular road from Leymebamba to Cajamarca we finish the tour with some Inca and colonial architecture.

The Lost Treasures tour also goes to some superb natural areas: Gocta Waterfall and the Chaparri Reserve, where you can get close to Andean (spectacle) bears that are in a rehabilitation program.

This is a fantastic Northern Peru Ciruit Tour: a road trip, cultural and natural experience and a gastronomic adventure all combined.

Comments from travellers about this tour:

We have not been able to identify a single highlight because the tour had so many terrific aspects. It was the holiday of a lifetime I think.” S. Iliffe (2015)

Forget Machu Picchu, go to northern Peru instead!” J. Alderson (2013)

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