Aerial view of Kuelap

Los Faiques gets you away from the hustle and bustle of Chiclayo for a quiet night on route to Chachapoyas

Los Faiques
Peruvian chocolate sign

Along the road between Chiclayo and Chachapoyas is a place where they sell unsweetened chocolate.

Marañon River on the road from Leymebamba to Cajamarca

The road from Leymebamba to Cajamarca passes through many ecological zones and is the most spectacular in Peru. 

Road Trip I
Huancas Mirador

Five favourite places of Vilaya Tours in the Chachapoyas area. Huancas, Kuelap and some where few travellers go.

Favourite Places
Yorkshire Ramblers Club trek report

In 2014 members of the Yorkshire Ramblers Club did the Northern Peru Special Adventure: Chiclayo, Chachapoyas and trekking.

YRC Trek Report
Looking across the coastal plain on route from Chiclayo to Chachapoyas

The journey from Chiclayo is long but worthwhile to see a cross section of Peru: coast, sierra and (high) Amazon forest. 

Road Trip II
Yumbilla Waterfall Information

The Batan del Tayta restaurant in Chachapoyas serves up a surprise dinner with a unforgettable finish to the meal.

Ant Cocktail
Kentitambo octagonal house

Kentitambo is opposite the Leymebamba Mummy Museum and is a great place for exploring the Leymebamba area.

Detail at La Casa de Doña Lola

La Casa de Doña Lola is lodge set on its own Private Reserve of Seasonal Dry Forest.

Milpuj/Casa Lola
Juvenile Condor return to wild

In 2009 a juvenile condor crash landed, needed to be fed, rehabiliated and released back to the wild.

Juvenile Condor