Chachapoyas tours

Our Chachapoyas tours are of various lengths and focuses. All our tours include a visit to Kuelap. Vilaya Tours is used to organizing tailor made tours and all the tours can be adapted to suit your interests and time frame. We can also organize tours for those who want to arrive in Chachapoyas on their own.

Please use the contact form to aquire the itineraries and ask any questions.

Chachapoyas Discovery Tours

The Chachapoyas Discovery Tours take you to the archaeological highlights of the area. The tours are of differing lengths to help match the time limit you have available. 

Chachapoyas Discovery Tours
Revash Cliff tombs
Gocta Waterfall

Chachapoyas and Gocta Waterfall Tour

Our classic tour - Chachapoyas and Gocta Waterfall Tour visits the archaeological highlights of Chachapoyas and the natural wonder of the Gocta Waterfall.

Gocta Waterfall Tours

Northern Peru Archaeology and Forest Tour

The Northern Peru Archaeology and Forest Tour visits a diverse range of archaeological sites in Northern Peru whilst staying at exclusive accommodation set amongst areas of distinct natural beauty.

Archaeology and Forest Tour
Cloud forest of northen Peru
Canoeing in Tingana Forest Reserve

Amazon to the Andes Tour

In Northern Peru the Amazon and the Andes are easily accessible and connected by major highways. This tour starts in the Amazon lowlands and includes a “light jungle” experience before moving to the Andes of Chachapoyas.

Amazon to Andes

Northern Peru Birding and Archaeology Tour

There are great chances to see stunning and unique birds on our Northern Peru Birding and Archaeology Tour. Combine the birding with the archaeological wonders of the area and we have a special tour designed to keep both cultural and bird connoisseurs happy.

Birding and Archaeology
Bird watching above Leymebamba
Enjoying the forest of Tingana

Northern Peru Forest Tour

The Northern Peru Forest Tour visits the diverse natural landscapes all of which are easily accessible. We will visit various forest areas: the Pacific Dry Forest, Cloud Forest, Seasonal Dry Forest and the Rain Forest of the higher Amazon Plain.

Peru Forest Tour

Wild Fontiers: Lost Treasures of the Cloud Warriors

Wild Frontiers (UK) with Vilaya Tours will be running the popular Lost Treasures of the Cloud Warriors in northern Peru. The tour visits Moche, Chimu and Chachapoya sites and natural areas.

Lost Treasures Tour
Lost Treasures Tour
El Tigre sarcophagi

Chachapoyas Secrets Tour

This tour visits some of the lesser known sites and involves more strenous walking days, but with each night in lovely countryside accommodation.

Chachapoyas Secrets