Chachapoyas treks

Our Chachapoyas treks head in to the high mountains south of Leymebamba.  We include days to acclimatize to the altitude before starting the treks. The treks use horses to carry gear

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Short Trek: Amazon to the Andes Tour

In Northern Peru the Amazon and the Andes are easily accessible and connected by major highways. This tour starts in the Amazon lowlands and includes a “light jungle” experience before moving to the Andes of Chachapoyas.

Short Chachapoyas Trek: Amazon to Andes
Trekking to Tajopampa
Cliff tombs at La Petaca

Short Trek: Chachapoya Tombs and Citadels Trek 

This trek takes you to some of our favourite places in the Chachapoyas area. You will visit some of the easier places including Kuelap, in preparation for your trek to Tajopampa.

Short Chachapoyas Trek: Tombs and Citadels

Short Chachapoyas Trek: Lake of the Condors Trek 

The trek to Laguna de los Condores is a tough one and it is highly recommended to ride horses to get there from Leymebamba. Our tour starts with a couple of days of acclimatization to see the cliff sarcophagi of Karajia and the citadel of Kuelap.

Short Chachapoyas Trek: Lake of the Condors Trek
Lake of the Condors Tombs
Trekking up to Vira Vira from Lake Huayabamba

Long Chachapoyas Trek: Northern Peru Special Adventure

A full-on pre-inca cultural experience. We start by visiting some of the attractions of Chiclayo then on visiting Gocta Waterfall and Kuelap. Afterwards we head south to Leymebamba and start our 7 day trek to the remote Chachapoya remains

Long Trek: Northern Peru Special Adventure