Northern Peru Archaeology and Forest Tour

Three aspects of Northern peru Archaeology and Forest Tour

The Northern Peru Archaeology and Forest Tour visits a diverse range of archaeological sites in Northern Peru whilst staying at exclusive accommodation set amongst areas of distinct natural beauty. The tour takes in cultural aspects dating back to 2000BC through to the Inca period and the first months of the Spanish Conquest. You will see remains from the Moche, Lambayeque/Sican, Chachapoya and Inca Cultures. Accommodation has been chosen based on quality and setting. Each place is set in quiet out of the way places, where you can appreciate the landscape of different ecological areas.

We start the tour in Chiclayo and visit a temple complex which has the oldest murals in the Americas. We will visit the Royal Tombs Museum and Tucume before heading to see the natural wonder of Gocta Waterfall close to Chachapoyas. Then we spend three more days in the Chachapoyas area, visiting the main archaeological remains (Kuelap, Karajia and Revash), finishing with a visit to the Mummy Museum of Leymebamba. Leaving the Chachapoyas area along the most spectacular road in Peru we drive to Cajamarca to enjoy the colonial city and see some of the archaeological remains there.

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