Kuelap and Gocta in Northern  Peru

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Vilaya Tours have been operating since 1998. We run private and customized tours to Kuelap, the sarcophagi of Karajia and the Mummy Museum of Leymebamba. The mountain scenery is stunning, with deep canyons, cloud forest and waterfalls including Gocta Waterfall, the third highest in the world. These habitats are home to many different birds including some endemic species. The rich plant life and a lush greeness is a feature of the Chachapoyas area.

Further afield along our trekking routes you can explore the magnificent tomb sites at Tajopampa, including La Petaca and Diablo Hausi or Lake of the Condors. Follow pre-inca trails to Vira Vira, one of the magical Cloud Warrior cities. 

The area has featured on a BBC Documentary “Lost Kingdoms of South America: People of the Clouds” and Sir David Attenborough’s 2009 “Life: Birds” where the BBC filmed the the Marvelous Spatuletail hummingbird which is unique to the Chachapoyas area and considered one of the most beautiful birds on the planet.

Chachapoyas Tours

Our Chachapoyas tours are of various lengths and focuses. All our tours include a visit to Kuelap. Vilaya Tours is used to organizing custom made tours and all the tours can be adapted to suit your interests and time frame. Tours can be Chachapoyas only or include other cities such as Chiclayo, Tarapoto or Cajamarca. We can also organize tours for those who want to arrive in Chachapoyas on their own.

Chachapoyas Tours
North end of Kuelap from the air
Trekking south of Leymebamba

Chachapoyas Treks

Trekking in the Chachapoyas area is very special: you will hike or horse ride through stunning varied scenery; be away from the crowds and experience places comparatively few people have seen. Vilaya Tours has organized trekking tours since 1998. Our standard tours go to Laguna de los Condores (Lake of the Condors) and Tajopampa. Whether you want to hike or horse ride Vilaya Tours can make your adventure comfortable.

Chachapoyas Treks

Client Testimonials

"I want to thank you for a most rewarding trip. I am left with a much better feeling for the Chachapoya architecture and the cliff tombs, to say nothing of the design of the old churches."
J. Ingham, 2015  Custom Tour
"Thank you for a great tour, including for introducing us to people and aspects of the Chachapoyas area beyond the normal tour spots"
P. Bradshaw, 2019 Custom Chachapoyas Tour including Chiclayo
"We had a wonderful time with the trip to Northern Peru you put together for us. We were truly impressed with the archaeology and the birding was great."
P. Keller, 2019  Northern Peru Archaeology and Birding Tour
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Gocta Waterfall Panorama


South end of Kuelap from the air

Built on a ridge at 3000m, Kuelap is the largest ancient stone structure in South America. It is enigmatic.

Karajia sarcophagi

Karajia, funeral sculptures built from mud, cane and straw have stood for centuries on a cliff ledge.

Gocta Waterfall from the air

Gocta Waterfall at 771m in two leaps is surrounded by cloud forest. A lovely day out and  place to visit.

Gocta Waterfall
Mummies in Leymebamba Museum

Leymebamba Museum houses over 200 mummies and other artefacts recovered from tombs discovered in 1997.

Leymebamba Museum