Northern Peru Circuit Exclusive Accommodation: Los Faiques

Los Faiques lodge one hour from Chiclayo

One hour away from the frantic city streets of Chiclayo is the secluded lodge of Los Faiques. Situated on a side road from the old Panamerican Highway, Los Faiques is peaceful to say the least, only those who are scared of silence should stay away.

The owners Herbert and Manuel, started to receive guests after being convinced by an agency that their home made a perfect place to stay. I agree. In front of the house is a cacti garden and within the house there is a grassy courtyard. Just outside the wall is another garden full of many different sorts of heliconia and further away again there are 40 hectares of Pacific Dry Forest.

Porch at Los Faiques: a great place for a glass of wine

Manuel is a fabulous chef and seems to have an unlimited repetoire of dishes….every time I have stayed there the food as been very different. Herbert who specialized in earth construction is very keen to show the techniques used to build Los Faiques and recount the stories of the pumas and his black sheep.Apart from the food, the tranquility, the nature and the personalized service, another good reason to stay in Los Faiques is that the following day if you are heading to Chachapoyas then you are already 1 hour closer to your destination.

Los Faiques is included in the Archaeology and Forest Tour.

Walking through the Pacific Dry Forest at Los Faiques