Northern Peru Circuit Exclusive Accommodation: la casa de doña lola

La Casa de Doña Lola at Milpuj-La Heredad

Milpuj-La Heredad is a private reserve in the Utcubamba Valley consisting mainly of seasonal dry forest.  It is home to some endemic birds, such as the speckle-chested piculet and little woodstar and also a unique tree specie: cedro kuelapense. The forest is home to skunks, white-tailed deer and two different kinds of wildcat have been recorded. The owners, Perico and Lola have been living here for twenty years and recognized the importance of protecting the habitat and at the same time setting up a lodge for people to stay.  This has been a work of love and dedication to the natural world. 

Dining room and lounge at La Casa de Doña Lola

La Casa de Doña Lola is where the rooms are and is at the lowest part of the reserve. Perico has made some trails that wind their way through ancient terraces, along a section of inca road and through forest for guests to enjoy.  It is quite a unique experience in that there are few places where one can enjoy dry forest. The rooms are simple, the food wholesome and delicious.  Milpuj is very quiet at night time with no loght pollution so a great to observe the stars.

Milpuj takes on volunteers for projects and has a tree adoption program. Perico is actively involved in promoting not just Milpuj but all the other ACPs (Private Conservation Areas) in Amazonas.

Milpuj is included in many of our tours including the Northern Peru Forest Tour.

Bedroom at La Casa de Doña Lola